The Uniqueness of our Educational concept is to up bring the educationally poor and turbulent students in prior, the print media and society has notice such cases.

We have classified our students in three different categories as brilliant, average and weak students, then according to their need we focused on their strength and weakness. Out of 24 hours of a day 4 hours of academic session in school, 2 hours of extra tuitions and 3 hours of reading on regular basis gives miraculous results.

We have the classes starting from the Standard 5th to 12th in both Science and General Streams.

Highlights of our Specification:

  • Glaring Result of SSC – 100%
  • Specific arrangement for academically weak students
  • Modern Computer Lab, Science Laboratory, Drawing Room and Library
  • Mental and Physical development with various Sports activities and competitions
  • Elocution, Calligraphy and Drawing competitions
  • Celebrations of special occasions in presence of Social Leaders
  • Celebrations of Religious and National festivals with parents
  • Curricular activities like Karate, Skating and Music
  • Centre of special exams for Hindi, Sanskrit and Drawings
  • Organizing parents meets regularly
2. Colorful Drawing Room
Scholarly Classrooms
Computer Lab
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Centre of Knowledge – The Library
National Day Celebration
Table Tennis
Transportation Facility