Gurukul Traditions

Immortal Indian Heritage : Gurukul Tradition
Gurukul education system is the formulation of upbringing the Student from grassroots according to the most ancient Indian Traditions. In today’s materialistic mind set, the concept of Gurukul unfolds the answer to the true educational philosophy, that will cater abstract and missing needs of Sadvidya, the value system that will personify the children with respect, dedication, discipline, integrity, patriotism and such moral values of the spiritual education as well.

According to the tradition of Hinduism, the life span of a human has divided in four stages, a student getting admitted to the Gurukul in his first stage of life span amongst the four called Brahmcharyashram. The great personalities of our culture like Rama, Krishna, Aaruni, Lav-Kush, Upmanyu, Shvetketu, Nachiketa, Sudama, Arjun and rest Pandvas were completed their study under the guidance of well known Gurus like Vashishtha, Valmiki, Sandipani, Dronacharya, Yagyavalkya and Bhardwaj lived in a Gurukul.

The students here prepared like a complete man, who is well conducted in sense of living in a society as well as the great educational values under the guidance of Guru.