Known as the Muse of Sampraday

Sadguru Shri Brahmanand Swami

Shri Brahmanand Swami, whose Brahmabol still echoes in Shri Swaminarayan Sampradaya and the religious history of Gujarati literature. Sadguru Shri Brahmanand Swami was a cacuminal saint of Shri Swaminarayan Sampradaya. His ability of creating instinct poetry is universally popular. Shri Brahmanand Swami was born to the mother Laluba in the family of Ladudanji in village Khan of Rajasthan on Maha Sud 5, Samvat 1828.

In his childhood he was known as Ladudan. By nature he was very brilliant and intelligent child. At the age of just 15 years he showed his poetic powers in the assembly of Udepur King amongst so many poets. King Rana was very pleased with him and sent him to study Pingal Shastra at Kachchh. In a very short period. Ladudan learnt different 24 arts of vocal and instrumental music and writing. Later he roam around many states and got the praised and testimonials from the emperors.

Once Ladudan came to Bhavnagar on invitation of Maharaja Vajesinh to meet Lord Swaminarayan, while his travel he was conceit with four things to confirm Sahjanand Swami as Lord, 1) He would be sit to east faced, 2) Welcome me with rose garland, 3) Bhagwat Katha would be running, 4) I could see the 16 divine signs on his feet, He reached to the destination and fulfilled with all his doubts and moment he exchanged a look with Lord Swaminarayan, he left the entire worldly life and became a permanent pilgrim of the spiritual journey. At that moment with his instincts he created very popular kirtan “Aajni Ghadi Re Dhanya Aajni Ghadi”. Once Laduba tried to give Jivuba the taste of worldly life but on the contrary love towards the Lord prevailed in him completely and his life was saffronised. He became Shri Rangdas. Shri Rangdas filled his art and skill with compassion of God. Shri Hari did not find the name Shri Rangdas in his poems and, therefore, he was renamed as ‘Brahmanand’. His poetic powers flourished in full with the support of permanence.

Shri Brahmanand Swami was not only the master of words, he was also the master of sculpture. Structures of Swaminarayan temples of Vadtal, Muli and Junagadh bears witness to it. His great sense of humour was also unique. Even his presence could cause laughter among the people. Either on the occasion of meetings or on any special occasion, he could convince Shri Hari through his affection and laughter.
His poetic creations have been collected and published in two volumes entitled Brahmanand Kavya Volume-I and Volume-II. His best metrical literary creation is Chhanda Ratnavali. Brahmanand Swami served the Sampradaya as well as literature continuously for 60 years and at last left us and went to Akshardham at Muli on Jeth Sud 10 in Samvat 1888.