Shri Hari Nicknamed as Premsakhi

Sadguru Shri Premanand Swami

Shri Premanand Swami is taken with pride as the great poet in the tradition of Bhakti poems (Poetry on adoration) of India. There are so many myths with regards his birth. As per the popular story, He was born in Brahmin family, after few days as instructed by his father the mother left this little kid near a Mosque, there was a childless Islamic couple hear the crying voice of a little, they found it and adopted the bright kid. The kid named Hathiram.

Once the father and son both came to Shri Hari to seek blessings, they met Lord Swaminarayan for the first time and Hathiram expressed a desire to remain with Shri Hari with his adoptive father’s permission, it was the moment like a rivulet merging with a great river.

Shri Hari kept the growing son with him and Shri Hari granted him diksha,
Name as “Nijbodhanand Swami”. He started creating the poems worshiping to Shri Hari but Shri Hari found some faults in rhythm and tuning of the words at the end so he renamed Nijbodhanand as Premanand. Later on when Shri Hari found in his poems an ardent love of a Sakha (companion) so, he was nicknamed by as ‘Premsakhi’.

Each word of his poetry shows adoration of love and beauty describing the miracles of the Lord are rare and defy any comparison with any such poetic creation by anyone else. His very popular creation “Vandu Sahajanand” padas are being recites regularly in each and every temple of Shri Hari.

Huge collections of Shri Premanand Swami’s creations are available today in the volumes entitled ‘Premanand Kavya’. Shri Premanand Swami has created the highest number of lovelorn poems in Gujarati literature because he had stayed remain with Shri Hari and had spent 25 years without Him. Shri Premanand Swami went to Akshardham at the age of 71 years at Gadhpur on Kartik Vad 15, Samvat 1911.